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Fashion Design

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Fashion design is the art of using designs, aesthetics, the creation of clothes and the beauty of clothes and accessories. It is influenced by culture and diversity and varies with time and place. “The designer designs clothes such as dresses, suits, trousers and skirts for customers, as well as accessories such as shoes and bags, in these areas.

What do Fashion Designers do?

Fashion designers use many different methods when creating products and accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Because of the time it takes to bring the garment to market, manufacturers must anticipate changes in consumer demand. Fashion designers are responsible for creating the look of a person’s clothing, including shape, colour, fabric, cut and more.

Fashion designers try to create functional and beautiful garments. They decide who will wear a garment and in what circumstances, and they work with different materials, colours, patterns and designs.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design is one of the most popular subjects for students from Arts and Humanities backgrounds after Year 12. However, after Year 12, Science students can study Fashion Design.

To become a fashion designer after Year 12, students must earn a Bachelor of Fashion Design followed by a Masters or Postgraduate Diploma. BDes fashion design and BA fashion design are two popular design courses after 12. Students must pass 10+2 with a total score of 50% in each category to be admitted to the best design schools.

NIFT, Symbiosis Pune and Pearl Academy are the best design colleges in India.

Candidates who want to take an online design course can apply directly; those who want to be accepted to the best design institutes are NIFT, IIAD, NID DAT etc. taking entrance exams.

Graduates can apply for positions such as Textile Designer, Fashion Designer, Fashion Blogger, Fashion Journalist, Fashion Designer, Fashion Editor and many more. The starting salary of a designer is INR 10,000-25,000 per month and can reach INR 70,000 after working for 2-5 years.

Post 12th Fashion Design Courses

Post 12th Fashion Design course teaches the fundamentals of fashion. Design courses include concepts, workshops, research, studio work and seminars. Textile Design, Sweater Design, Jewelry Design, Shoe Design and Fashion Illustration are the design styles that today’s students want to work with their design skills.

Courses in Fashion Designing After 12th



Diploma in Fashion Design

1 year

Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design

2 years

Diploma in Jewellery Design

1 year

Certificate Course in Fashion Design

1 year

Certificate in Creative Fashion Styling

6 months

Certificate in Textiles for Interiors and Fashion

1 year

Fashion Illustration and Design

3 months

Certificate in Draping and Pattern making

1 month

Certificate in Pattern Making and Garment Construction

3 months

Certificate in Fashion Styling and Draping

6 months

Certificate in Fundamental of Fashion Designing

6 months

Certificate course in Tailoring and Designing

6 months

Certificate Course in Fashion Merchandising

6 months

BSc in Fashion Design

3 years

BDes in Fashion Design

4 years

BDes in Textile Design

4 years

BDes in Fashion Communication

3 years

BDes in Accessory Design

3 years

BDes in Knitwear Design

3 years

Bachelor’s in Fashion Technology

3 years

Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design

3 years

BFTech in Apparel Production

4 years

BA Hons in Fashion Design

3 Years

Candidates who have completed the 12th Year can continue to their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fashion Design courses after the 12th Year. Many Fashion Design courses after Year 12 are also offered after Year 10, depending on the degree and certificate involved. In order to enter these programs, students must score at least 50%. The minimum and core qualification for the Fashion Design course is 10+2 and 50% for the Bachelor’s degree course. The admissions process will be merit-based, determined by the written exam, group discussion and interview.

After Year 12 Fashion Design Admission Process

After Year 12 Fashion Design Admission will vary depending on the degree chosen by the candidate. Candidates who wish to obtain

A fashion Design Certificate will be accepted directly. Candidates can choose a certificate in the Fashion Design program after 12th grade by visiting the official website of the school they want to study. After the 12th Year Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses, 4,444 candidates for Fashion Design courses are selected based primarily on their performance in the previous exams. The final decision will be based on the quality of the candidate throughout the interview.

Candidates who want to continue their UG and PG degree in Fashion Design courses after the 12th Year should be able to get NID, CEED, DAT, NIFT etc. They must take entrance exams and are selected based on their success.

CSIR, UGC, NET and other recognized medical exams are used for admission to the Doctor of Design after Course 12.

Candidates must pass this, do well in the interview section, and present these research and thesis ideas.

Skills Required for Fashion Design

After Year 12, candidates must have certain skills to be able to follow Fashion Design courses. See below for details,

  • Must have good communication skills must be creative must have a distinctive sense of style
  • Must have a good heart have strong visual wisdom
  • Must understand fashion must pay attention to details

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